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Included in this playground classics gift box are three of the best classic joke toys that you used to play as a child. This gift set is perfect for children and it's also a great gift for any adult to send them back to their childhood memories. Simply add a jar of their favourite sweets and it's complete!

Chattering Teeth

Chattering clockwork teeth are one of the original & best novelty products.

Wind up these pearly white teeth to start them frantically chattering

Laughing Bag

A very silly novelty in a quirky vintage style – press the box or bag and set off the giggles.

A great gift to brighten anyone’s day (or annoy them hugely!).

This electric laughing bag makes an hilarious joke, gift or surprise.

Whoopee Cushion

An old classic whose popularity never wanes. Loud and rude noises are emitted when sat upon.

Come in 4 assorted colours, red, orange, yellow and green.

Made of natural rubber latex, cushion diameter 16.5cm

Random colour will be sent. If you would like a specific colour please add it to the notes in your order and we will see if we can fulfill your required colour(s)